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We are brilliant writers. We simplify, clarify and structure content online and in print to make things clear and easy for the reader. Above all though, beetroot are story tellers, finding the personal angle and the narrative hook.

Multimedia storytelling

The New York TimesSnow Fall was heralded as the future for digital storytelling. Inspired by this example, these lovely pieces for London Underground are doing the same thing for staff engagement over here, blending media to breathe new life into long-form journalism.

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Using film to drive diversity

GTR’s mission to recruit and train more drivers has led to a welcome increase in women signing up. We met two, one a trainee and the other recently qualified, to talk about their experiences of entering what had traditionally been seen as a man’s world.

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Remembering Terry

Some stories leave a lasting impression. There’s nothing elaborate here, just simple, personal, powerful storytelling.

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Engaging the frontline

This is officially Europe’s best corporate newspaper.*

Why?  Because it knows its frontline audience of security officers, airfield patrol, firefighters, engineers and technicians, and frontline passenger experience people. And it speaks to them in jargon-free language about the things that matter to them.

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per cent of highly engaged employees regularly undertake personal tasks at work
per cent of highly engaged staff arrive late for work up to 50% of the time
per cent of employees are not fully engaged
per cent of UK employees said they felt valued at work

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