We are creative

Corporate audiences are a fickle, jaundiced lot. On any given day, they have 27 better, more urgent, more enjoyable things to do than read what you have to say.  That’s why we’re in business. beetroot bring fresh ideas, smart tactics, powerful copy and attention-grabbing design to marketing and communications teams.

Celebrating success

This beautiful book tells the remarkable story behind one of BP’s most unusual engineering challenges in a creative and intelligent way.

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Information is beautiful

Creative infographics are the last refuge of many a communications scoundrel, too often delivering a lot less than they promise. But used intelligently, they can convey a single startling fact with memorable intensity, visualise hidden connections, or provide a useful map to help navigate complex information. Some we repurpose as digital or printed posters, and make them customisable for local country and business use.

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Engaging sales tool

Over-sized labels became a range of handy product guides for GAP staff, turning a throwaway item into a creative and engaging tool.

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Flying the flag

beetroot-designed banners were raised over Glasgow’s George Square to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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per cent of comms pros say creativity is important in internal comms, yet ...
per cent think it’s used to its full potential
per cent of the population are visual learners
million pounds an hour is contributed to the UK economy every hour by UK creative industries

Sources: simply-communicate.com, visualteachingalliance.com, gov.uk